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Cultivating Ensembles Mission Statement


The Cultivating Ensembles conference brings together individuals with different sensibilities and interests in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) to celebrate the interwoven nature of sciences, technologies, humanities, and arts as human activities. Together we co-create the conditions in which we learn from, leverage, and share our diverse experiences.  We aim to build an inclusive community that answers the question, “If all the world’s a stage, who are our players and what are we making?”

WHY come?

  • Nurture inclusive and collaborative STEMM cultures

  • Build relationships that redefine traditional boundaries

  • Acknowledge and use the human lens to understand how we make, practice, and communicate science and research. 


WHO comes?

Educators, researchers, performers, artists, students, activists, advocates and entrepreneurs from diverse areas  – academia, the arts, community organizations, business, industry, and non-profits are all welcome in Cultivating Ensembles. We come together to transform the human/cultural experience of professional and social identities in STEMM. 


HOW we work?

Participants co-create playful, interactive, collaborative formats in order for practitioners and scholars to explore and share the ways that they build and advance science and research.

Organized by a combination of previous organizers, recent attendees and new associates, each conference is unique. The format is highly interactive. Outside of speakers, there are hands-on sessions, open spaces, and a share fair.

“I have been describing it as a highly interactive conference that involves all participants in finding new ways to build/foster collaborative groups within STEM ed and research.” -Stephanie Pulford

CE 2022

2022 Conference

More Details to Come!


2019 Conference


2017 Conference


2015 Conference


2012 Conference

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