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2022 Conference


A virtual, online experience hosted in collaboration with

Lloyd International Honors College, UNC Greensboro

November 10th and 11th, 2022


If this resonates with you, then come build with us and share in the experience of Cultivating Ensembles (CE) in “Exploring across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).” This conference will be hosted in collaboration with Lloyd International Honors College, a fellow global pioneer in infusing performance as a vital part of creating ensembles in STEAM, whose motto is “Play, Experiment, Perform!” Cultivating Ensembles (CE, formerly CESTEMER) is a bi-annual gathering of people who deeply engage with one another across the arts, humanities and sciences and serves as a unique professional development conference where innovators learn from one another’s practices. People imagining, creating and exploring our world together is at the heart of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, humanities and the arts. We invite participants who would like to share their creative, non-traditional projects to submit proposals, and we welcome all to come and build community with us!

How do artists, dancers, improvisers, and designers create transdisciplinary, inclusive communities with colleagues in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM)? How do scientists, engineers, technologists, physicians and mathematicians inspire the artistic process?


Now imagine creating an inclusive, interactive space beyond these labels.


Our goal for Cultivating Ensembles 2022 is to ask how you address the concepts we are exploring and share them:

Culture Change:

Regenerating or rethinking cultural, social and economic policy in STEM and beyond; activism and leadership development; approaches to building and developing inclusive communities; social responsibility, equity and diversity

Transdisciplinary Explorations:

Spanning multiple disciplines, such as integration of STEM and the arts (visual, musical and performing); bringing together science, humanities and art

Learning and Development:

Well-being; helping groups and individuals achieve their potential; emotional and collective intelligence; creativity and play in learning; reducing burnout; professional growth and development

STEM Communication and Engagement:

Science communication; STEM in unexpected places; out of school and informal science; non-traditional approaches to traditional education; large-scale performances across STEM; real-world play


Effective designs and meaningful assessment; growth-oriented and human-centered assessments


What themes are you exploring or would like to share? As a community, these are just some of the themes we’re excited about, but there’s room for more. We’re excited to hear your ideas!




Presentations (10 minutes):

A brief live online presentation, performance or other format. Each presenter will also participate in a moderator-led discussion panel at the end of a set of presentations.

Interactive Sessions (45 minutes):

An interactive workshop, performance, panel, symposium or other format with interactive, participatory engagement.

Intensive Workshops (90 minutes):

An interactive format with professional development objectives for the participants.


Lightning Talks (5 minutes):

Pre-recorded five-minute lightning talk or performance.


Share Fair Presentations:

A poster, installation, or other alternative format presented in an online space ). We encourage (but do not require) creative use of the allotted time and space and are happy to consider proposals for non-traditional presentations.


Alternative Formats:

We welcome other creative formats. If you have a format that does not fit these categories, please contact the organizers with a brief description of your desired format at

Abstract submission is now closed

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